My dearest Triccie wrote this for me a couple of years back:

1989: It was at the end of summer when the first cries were heard from the delivery room of Martinez Hospital. Boy Domingo, he was called then, a name yet to be assigned to that healthy baby that would change the destiny of the human race.
It took a while, but Cyrod John finally made it to the University of His Dreams, where he began plotting his course for world domination. Being surrounded by the best and brightest, it wouldn’t have been hard to do.
But then, in an incident that involved a lab explosion and a French talk show, Cyrod realized that what he really desired was not control over the globe’s resources (or a Google work station), but a better world for him and his friends. Throwing all his dastardly plans into the drain, he joined an organization called Astounding Men of Excellence, where he put his energies into making the world a happier and more productive place alongside his equally brilliant colleagues.
When not busy saving the world, you can see Sir Cyrod (knighted by the Queen for his valuable contributions in the field of World-Improvement) on the shorelines of Puerto Galera with a cold glass of Mogu-Mogu, singing along to the songs of his wife’s band, Paramore.


Actually, I never had the chance to see it in actual print since I didn’t graduate on time and I didn’t bother to claim my copy.